What is Print Marketing?

You’re sure to have seen advertising in all kinds of different volumes of printed media. From newspapers, to magazines, to billboards that hang above the city, print marketing is all around us, intertwined with the digital marketing that pervades our screens today.

While digital marketing has become more dominant through the use of visual ads on mobile applications, websites, YouTube videos, commercials on TV, and more, print marketing is not out of the game by any means. There are still plenty of Printing Services out there helping local businesses get the word out about their products and services.

What Forms Does Print Marketing Take?

Print marketing lives in all kinds of different forms to get the word out about local businesses to people who might enjoy their goods and services.

Here are the different shapes that print marketing takes:

·    Newspapers: Newspaper advertising targets all kinds of various demographics. You can find newspaper ads in the sports section, business section, and political sections.

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·    Billboards: Everyone has seen a billboard. They reach high above the road, appealing to people on the go. Billboards don’t have to be dedicated to one business, either. Digital billboards exist that can change the images on the front to advertise for several businesses at a time.

·    Direct mail marketing: For the most targeted of print advertising, some marketers use direct mail to get their message directly into the hands of consumers. Many advertisers have mailing lists, and some buy mailing lists from firms. Direct mail can be promotions, sale incentives, and so much more, highly personalized just for the consumer.

These are but a few types of print marketing you might encounter on a daily basis. Whether you’re seeing a billboard high above the road as you drive, an ad in the paper, or a personalized message in your mailbox, these are still some pieces of evidence that print marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.