Why Does My Electrical Panel Smell Funny?

Notice a strange smell coming from your electrical panel? You probably want to know what causes the odor and if there is a solution. It is not pleasant when odors emit from the electrical panel, after all, and usually pretty scary. What could be the cause of those odors? It is usually one of a couple of issues but hiring an electrician to get to the bottom of things is best.

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The electrical panel may emit any number of different types of smells. The cause can be anything from food being caught in the breaker to bad wiring or other serious problems. Some people note a fishy smell to their electrical panel. This is less serious than a smoke or fire smell.

You may need an emergency electrician if you notice these strange odors at night and fear there is an electrical fire. Never second-guesses yourself because you may not get a second chance to decide. If the problem is not as serious, it is nonetheless a good idea to call an electrician to learn the problem.

An electrician can inspect the circuit box to find out what is causing the smell. If he discovers any problems along the way he can also make electrical repairs montgomery.  Wires that are not properly connected and burnt out wires are the most common causes of smells and odors coming from the circuit box.

Calling an electrician may not be something that you want to do but when there are smells coming out of the circuit box, it is a must if you want to stay safe and protect your loved ones. The price you’ll pay for electrical work is small in comparison to the peace of mind that comes knowing your loved ones are safe.